Carbofil Filtration System
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Improves taste in home water systems

Carbofil Filter System


The Carbofil carbon filter system is a very simple, yet effective means of improving the quality of water in any home which is supplied by a municipal water system. Having no moving parts, the Carbofil system is comprised of a rugged, rust proof, poly-glass tank which contains a special, high quality coconut shell activated carbon filter media bed, and a distributor that directs the flow of water through a quartz gravel underbedding and up the media bed.

The carbon particles have a large pore structure which permits efficient reduction of chlorine for a long period of time, and the large pores branch into many smaller pores, which enhance the removal of a wide variety of dissolved organic compounds.

Depending on the local water conditions and water usage the carbon filter media may require replacement every 12 months.

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