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Drinking Water Systems

Water is a daily, life-sustaining requirement. It is one of the pure and basic necessities of life. Ensuring that the every day water we drink is safe natural water that our bodies demand is as vital as the water itself. Unfortunately, not all of the every day water we use from our taps is the pure fresh water that our bodies desire.

The Pegasus Spring Water Drinking Water System, using reverse osmosis technology, effectively reduces harmful contaminants, turning every day tap water into the water that nature intended for us to drink... fresh, natural, life-sustaining water.



Clear Benefits of Pegasus Spring Water

  • Convenient fresh clean water, ready at your tap
  • Delicious, sparkling clear drinking water
  • Pristine, flavorful coffee, tea, and juice
  • Cost saving- no more high cost bottled water
  • Better tasting soups, sauces and meals when prepared with Pegasus Drinking Water

The Pegasus Spring Water Drinking Water System reverse osmosis works like this:

The pressure from a household tap forces water through a semipermeable membrane. The membrane separates the everyday household water at the molecular level. The membrane acts like an ultra fine filter to isolate the contaminants*, reducing them so that the water becomes purer, substantially reducing dissolved solids and contaminants. This cleaner, purer, refined water is then stored in a holding tank, ready for use at your convenience.

* Refer to performance data chart for specific percentages of contaminant reduction.


Patented Manifold Plate

The water enters a patented manifold plate which directs the flow of water through each of the filtration steps. The simplified manifold design eliminates the need for individual connections between filtration stages.

Water When You Need It

This system was designed to produce worry-free, high quality drinking water with less waste. When the holding tank is full, the automatic shut-off device is triggered and signals the system to automatically cease production until there is more water needed.


With five decades of water treatment experience behind Pegasus Water Systems, you benefit from our long standing tradition of excellence and quality.


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