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Patented Manifold Plate

Featuring an exclusive manifold plate with patented channel design, the Dual Filtration Drinking Water Systems are designed for under-counter installations or water cooler applications. The water enters a patented manifold plate which directs the flow of water through each stage. The simplified manifold design eliminates the need for individual connections between filtration stages.

Convenient under-counter installation

The Dual Filtration Drinking Water Systems were designed with the end-user in mind. These systems can be easily installed under the counter with the built-in bracket. No need to take up valuable countertop space. Quick connect fittings make installation and service a snap.


With five decades of water treatment experience behind Pegasus Water Systems, you benefit from our long standing tradition of excellence and quality.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Dual filtration Systems

Contaminant Removal

The substances listed and their effective removal were obtained under controlled laboratory conditions. Performance on other water supplies may vary considerably from these results. Some of the substances listed may be hazardous to your health if in a drinking water supply.

The performance of any system depends upon proper application, installation, maintenance, freedom from defects and the degree and/or combinations of water problems.

(1) A softener, for the purpose of this chart, is a basic ion-exchange unit with no other adaptations or filtering media included. It will remove hardness minerals (calcium and magnesium) totally when applied correctly and the other substances listed to some degree depending on water conditions.

(02) Nitrates can be effectively removed by a reverse osmosis system using a thin film membrane in conjunction with a monitoring faucet.

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