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Filtration Systems

Filtration Systems
Automatic and manual backwash filters can utilize many different minerals, and mineral combinations to solve many water problems. Iron, low or high ph, odor and manganese are just few of the water problems that are solvable using whole house filters .Pegasus water filtration systems are designed to:
  • Filter unwanted sand, sediment, and pipe scale that can accumulate in your home's water system
  • Improve your home's water clarity by removing minute clay particles and minerals
  • Provide cleaner pipes and less wear on water-related appliances
  • Provide healthier, better tasting foods and beverages

Dual Filtration Drinking Water System

Dual Filtration Drinking Water Systems were designed with the end-user in mind. These systems can be easily installed under the counter with the built-in bracket. No need to take up valuable countertop space. Quick connect fittings make installation and service a snap. More...

Carbon Filter System

Automatic Carbon Filter Water Systems use electronic technology to determine your family’s daily conditioned water usage. The system control automatically calculates how much conditioned water is used day after day. More...

Carbon Filter System

The Carbofil® carbon filter system is a very simple, yet effective means of improving the quality of water in any home which is supplied by a municipal water system. More...

Effects of Hard Water
Cleaner pipes

Pipe Scaling

Hard water deposits a rock-like scale in pipes, causing restricted water flow and reduced pressure.

Soft water makes a difference!

Cleaner dishes

Glassware and Dishes

Soap curds and hard water cause spotting of tableware. Hard water can affect automatic dish washer operation. Hard water increases soap and chemical cost.



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