Cabinet Metered Softener
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Innovative control technology

Meter controlled softeners





Pegasus Water Systems uses electronic technology that determines your family’s daily conditioned water usage.

The system control automatically calculates how much conditioned water is used day after day. It remembers
any change and only regenerates when necessary. This saves up to 50% on salt and conserves water.


• Proportional brining
• Auto regeneration based on usage
• Overide to day selections
• Reserve calculating for optimum effi ciency
• Customize program cycles
• 2 hour power backup
• 12 volt transformer with 15’ cord
• Counter current brining
• Conditioned water for brine refi ll
• Automatic bypass during regeneration
• Brine tank safety shutoff
• 1” full fl ow valve
• UL®, FDA® and/or NSF® approved components
• Self cleaning distributors
• Rust and corrosion free
• Manufacturer’s warranty
• Quartz underbedding

Cabinet Metered Softener

Pegasus Water Systems offers a cabinet model metered softener for installation anywhere in your home, to lower maintenance costs and increase appliance life. Use it in your laundry room for brighter colors and softer, longer-wearing clothes.

According to a recent study by New Mexico State University, soft water can also prevent scale buildup on the heating elements in your water heater, saving 17% of the energy cost for electric water heaters or as much as 22% for gas water heaters.

The PM 2800C is a versatile space saver model.

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