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Water Softeners

Water Softening System

Pegasus Water Systems offers two types of residential water softeners. Each model is designed to:

  • Soften your home's water supply by reducing the amount of minerals containing calcium and magnesium
  • Reduce excess iron levels that can often cause staining in your home's sinks, tubs, and toilets as well as discolor or damage your laundry
  • Provide softer, healthier skin
  • Provide shinier, silkier hair
  • Increase appliance life
  • Reduce the use of soaps, detergents, and cleaning products to save you money

Meter Controlled Softeners

"On Demand" control or metered valve softeners regenerate based on a preset amount of water used, instead of regenerating at a preset time. Metered softeners will use less salt and waste less water over time, as they will only regenerate after using a set amount of water. More...

Timer Controlled Softeners

Timer models regenerate on a preset schedule and are initially less expensive. These units should be used when water use is predictable. They may require manual regeneration if there are guests and more water is being used than normal. More...


Electronic Control
The heart of the Pegasus control is a sophisticated microprocessor that ensures you years of trouble free reliable performance.

Easily Programmed
After testing your water, your water treatment specialist will program your Pegasus system to operate efficiently and automatically.

Power Interruption
The Pegasus control maintains its memory through power outages for up to two hours. For extended periods Nordstrom Discount Codeof power interruption, a simple resetting of the time of day is required, the system remembers everything else.

Optimal Flow
One inch valves ensure maximum household water pressure.

Built-In Automatic Bypass
Water flow will be maintained to your home during regeneration.

Noryl®* Valve Construction
Valves maintain the durability and non-corrosive nature of glass filled Noryl®*.

Efficient Up-Flow Brining
Traditional water softeners use a regeneration of down-flow brining which requires additional brine to fully restore the bed.

Brine Tank Refills With Conditioned Water
Only conditioned water circulates through the refill flow control and prefills the brine tank Nordstrom Promo Code two hours in advance of regeneration, ensuring maximum available brine.

All Components Meet or Exceed UL®, FDA®, and NSF® Compliance.

* Noryl is a product of General Electric


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