Cabinet Metered Softener
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Innovative control technology

Timer controlled softeners


The Pegasus control is a sophisticated microprocessor that will assure you years of trouble free reliable performance.

Many water supplies contain hardness minerals. The Pegasus Water Systems Timer Controlled Softeners eliminates common hard water problems. It removes calcium and magnesium from your water supply by filtering it through a softening media using ion exchange.

Your water treatment specialist will test your water for commonly found problems and program your Pegasus Water System to operate effi ciently and automatically. Your system will regenerate on pre-set days.


  • • Time clock regeneration
    • Selectable program cycles to meet your needs
    • Double backwash programable
    • 12 volt transformer with 15’ cord
    • Conditioned water for brine refill
    • Brine tank safety shutoff
    • 1” full flow valve
    • UL®, FDA® and/or NSF® approved components
    • Rust and corrosion free
    • Manufacturer’s warranty
    • Quartz underbedding
    • Self cleaning distributors
    • Automatic bypass during regeneration

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